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Broadcast fax based invoicing will improve your cashflow by faxing invoices rather than mailing them. This is the perfect solution for customers that do not accept email based invoices. Fax based invoices are typically processed and entered when received. By targetting your broadcast faxed based invoices directly to the responsible party at your customer you avoid the delays incurred as physical mail is shuffled through a company.

We support master templates so your broadcast faxed invoices look just like your printed invoices. We drop in both the common information at the top part of invoices as well as line item detail.

Our fax based invoicing service supports multi-page faxed invoices.

Faxed invoices are cheaper than bulk rate mailed invoices and arrive the same day you process them - faster than Federal Express with the same impact!

You probably already have the fax number in your customer data to use for faxed invoices.

Unsuccessful faxed invoices are reported back to you as either a data file or a printable PDF suitable for printing and processing. Other results reporting options are available.

We do not require a specific accounting package.

Put your invoice on top of the inbox with broadcast fax based invoicing.