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Our fax broadcast customer site ( access) accepts documents from any Windows or Mac application using Postscript or PDF formats. Most computers are already equipped to generate Postscript or PDF and we have a small downloadable software module to assist those users who do not. We also support Microsoft Word format. You can store your documents on-line indefinately so they are always ready to go.

You can preview your fax and fax broadcast parameters on-line before starting the broadcast. This is quick and it's a easy way to avoid sending out the wrong document to the wrong people.

Our broadcast fax service provides an account specific exclude list (Do Not Fax) to prevent unwanted faxes from being sent. Just type in or paste in the number(s) that you need excluded and you can stop worrying - those numbers will automatically be dropped from any future fax broadcast using any of your current or future lists. Works across all your lists without modifying your fax broadcast lists.

Schedule fax broadcasts for delivery now or up to a week in advance. You pick the time of date, without surcharge, you prefer to have your fax delivered.

An optional Bold To: Recipient Name Here on the header is provided for better delivery to named recipients without a cover page.

Extensive reporting capabilities - delivered via email or fax, full delivery detail or just the fax broadcast exceptions. Viewable in real-time on the website.

Our service provides automatic area code correction with download capability. As time goes by, more area codes are added and even the best maintained list accumulates out of date phone numbers. With our area code correction feature you can automatically retransmit those faxes that failed due to an area code change and update your list as well.

More fax broadcast features: Easy to use web interface. Selectable fax resolution mode. Fax/merge capability.