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Broadcast Fax Service - fax broadcast directly from our customer website

Our fax broadcast service is web based and enables you to easily and quickly fax your message to hundreds or thousands of people immediately. Our unique customized recipient fax addressing can greatly improve your fax broadcast delivery - even if you just use a job title on your broadcast fax document. Have time sensitive material? Faxing gets it into the right hands in minutes - not days. Broadcast fax customers are able to dramatically lower their over all advertising costs by eliminating other forms of less targeted advertising.

To learn more about how Broadcast Fax works call Actual Software at 651-665-0035 or use the web form below to send us a message.

Fax Broadcast Service - Key Features

Bold To: Recipient Name Here on the header for better delivery to named recipients without a cover page.

Exclude list to prevent unwanted faxes from being sent by accident. Once added, a number is excluded from all future fax broadcasts. Available automatic do-not-fax line.

Supports Microsoft Word and PDF for document sources.

Optional fax cover page generator. Broadcast your fax with a personalized cover page and message.

Before starting the fax broadcast, you can preview your document and broadcast parameters on-line. We also recommend sending a test fax to your own fax machine.

Also available: FaxFile
FaxFile allows you to send a fax to an individual fax number directly from your Android phone.

For more information see FaxFile for Android in the Google App Store.
See our broadcast fax features page for more detailed description of these and other faxing features.

Broadcast Fax - How Does it Work?

Simply upload a list of fax recipients and their fax numbers, along with the document you wish to send. Launch your fax broadcast from the internet at any time!

Broadcast Fax Service- Benefits

Your fax broadcast message carries more impact than US mail - it has the impact of a FedEX envelope at a tiny fraction of the price! Fax broadcast has better sell-through than email because everyone "opens" it.