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What format do you accept for lists? Can phone numbers have punctuation in them like dashes?

Lists can be uploaded through our web site Microsoft Excel or a variety of ASCII file formats. Phone numbers must be 10 or 11 digits (that is, the area code must be included for North American phone numbers). All punctuation and extraneous characters are ignored and will not hamper your list loading.

What formats do you accept for fax broadcast documents?
Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word. We have converters that work with any Windows application.

Do you require any advance notice before starting a broadcast?

Are there any extra charges for long distance or sending a broadcast fax during the day?
No. We charge per page. There are no setup charges, minimums, surcharges.

How do you handle busy fax numbers? What do you do for retries?
Our fax broadcast service automatically retries faxes that fail to go through. Retries on incomplete faxes vary based the total number of faxes being sent with small jobs getting an extra retry. In all cases busy numbers and no answers are retried aggressively.

I've got a list of people who don't want to receive my fax broadcasts. How do you handle this?
We have a "Do Not Fax List" feature we call an exclusion list. Any number you put on the exclusion list will automatically be dropped from all future fax broadcasts from your account regardless of what list the number is on. Your fax broadcast lists will not be modified as a result of this feature.

Where can I get a list?
For fax broadcast lists we recommend infoUSA (800-321-0869). We directly support importing infoUSA lists and their fax numbers are about 75-80% correct. It is always cheapest to specify fax number only and no duplicates when purchasing fax broadcast lists from infoUSA.

Can I include graphic images on my fax broadcast?
You can include anything you want on your fax. Recognize upfront that images generally take longer to transmit - which may annoy your recipients - and it can be tricky to get an image to look good when faxed. Line art (flat black and white) generally works best. It you are going to fax something with an image on it be sure and test it for transmission time and quality before starting a fax broadcast. Don't annoy your broadcast fax recipients by sending a fax that ties up their fax machine for a long time and then looks ugly when printed.

Can I send a color fax?
The international standard fax formats do NOT support color. Colors are always converted to black and white (gray scale).